• IRIS5Desk: is an IRIS desktop application used for governmental entities to provide the full security required and it has many functions related to human identifications, ID database, time and attendance, and more.
  • IRIS5API: is an iris recognition library that provides various application programming interfaces (APIs) and functions to be used for developers or integrators to develop iris recognition-based applications. It consists of various accurate iris segmentation and fast matching algorithms utilizing extensive image processing tasks.  
  • IRIS5Web: is a web-based application that provides a complete set of iris recognition related functions and used for many applications like healthcare, identification, banking, security and can be customized to verify your business needs.
  •  for IRIS registration, recognition, and authentication used for many applications
  • IRIS5Mob: is an iris recognition app for Android and IOS reinforcing a multifunctional security platform to manage your data and accounts on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. It utilizes a highly accurate matching rate of iris biometric technology to enroll human’s iris image, verify it against an impersonated individual, and secure confidential data for various industries such as Health Care, Education, Finance Institutes, Law Enforcement, etc.